Today was my first experience with “bulk fermentation”—that is, mixing up dough for multiple loaves, allowing them to ferment together, then later forming them into separate loaves and proofing. I used the One Day Sourdough recipe and doubled the amount of each ingredient so I could make two loaves. Beyond the basic recipe, I added a handful of oatmeal to the common dough.

I bulk fermented the dough for about 5 hours. It’s cooler here than in Rome, so it took longer to rise. Also, I didn’t realize this at the time, but the cup measurements I used were not quite full cups, so I didn’t end up with as much dough as I had expected. Consequently, the final loaves were quite small.

After the bulk fermentation but before proofing, I separated the loaves and kneaded some raisins into one of them. I then formed each into a loaf and left to proof for another 4-5 hours, and baked according to the recipe.

Though the resulting loaves were quite small, I was very happy with how they tasted! The raisin one worked very well. Kneading in the raisins after the bulk fermentation was a good strategy for making two different types of loaves.