A collection of websites and other sources that I’ve found to be helpful in learning how to bake sourdough.


Some of the most helpful information I’ve gotten from watching videos. I found them particularly useful because they gave me a really good idea of how the dough should look at various stages of the process. Everyone seems to have their own strategies and ideas for what makes the “best” sourdough, but I would take all these fancy techniques with a grain of salt and just explore until you find something that works for you. I’ve found that you can forgo most of the special “rituals” that they talk about and still end up with something that looks and tastes great.

  • Bon Appetit: Brad and Claire Make Sourdough Bread

    The first video I watched about sourdough. Lots of good advice about general strategies for baking and preparing dough. I don’t personally use the slap-and-fold technique, nor do I usually fold the dough during bulk fermentation.

  • How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass

    This is my favorite video about sourdough. It takes you through the entire process, including getting your starter up and running, and presents an extremely simple and manageable recipe for sourdough bread, which I’ve tried myself with excellent results (despite not having a scale to properly measure ingredients). In particular, the “windowpane test” as shown in this video is a great way to see if your dough is properly kneaded! There are also a number of related videos about sourdough and bread in general on this channel, which I highly recommend.

  • How To Make The Worlds Tastiest Sourdough Bread

    I wasn’t particularly impressed with the outcome of this video, but the linked timestamp shows a method for creating non-round loaves.

  • High Hydration Dough Shaping

    Another video with techniques for shaping non-round loaves.

  • The Perfect Sourdough Loaf

    There’s no speaking in this video, but it gives a nice overview of a sourdough process. Again, you can pick and choose the parts that work for you. I don’t think you necessarily need to let the dough rest for as long as he does. If nothing else, the visuals are nice (and it’s always helpful to see someone else’s dough consistency and kneading strategies!)

  • Cooked Episode 3: Air

    This is a Netflix show based on the book by Michael Pollan that explores the role of fermentation in breads and other foods. Super fascinating and worth a watch, especially if you want to know more about the history of bread and fermentation.

Of course, there are hundreds more videos floating around about how to make sourdough. As you become more comfortable you’ll find that you can pick and choose the techniques and advice that make sense for your baking and your schedule.


  • The Biology of…Sourdough

    Overview of the difference between bread make with sourdough and with regular, industrial yeast.

  • How to Punch Down Bread Dough

    Nice concise article on why you might want to punch down your bread after the bulk fermentation stage (as in the masterclass video), and comparison between that and folding the bread throughout the bulk fermentation stage (as done in the Bon Appetit video).

  • Breadmaking 101: All About Proofing and Fermentation

    Good overview of all the steps in the breadmaking process. Note that this assumes you’re using industrial yeast, so not everything will be applicable to sourdough, but it does offer some helpful explanations for why each step exists (which generally applies to sourdough bread as well).

  • My Top 3 Leftover Sourdough Starter Recipes

    For when you want to stop wasting all that leftover starter :)